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Paper Wool Saxony

Saxony fabric with wool yarns in the warp and wool/mohair yarns and bagasse paper yarns in the weft.
The fabric is characterized by its tautness and luster, and its excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying properties.

Name : Paper Wool Saxony

No. : CD2301-1103

Size : 58/59inch(148/150cm)×50m
Yarn : WOOL2/60NM × WOOL/MOHAIR1/30NM + BAGASSE PAPER1/31NM(1.5mm)
Composition : WOOL70% BAGASSE PAPER22% MOHAIR8%
Weight : 290g/㎡

Shrinkage : warp 0%, weft 0%

Dyeing : yarn dyeing

Care instructions : 

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